Why The “File History” Function In Windows 10 Is So Important

The “File History” function is the improved version of “Previous Version” from Win8 and created for Windows 10. It is a safe and fast way to recover deleted files in windows 10. Primarily, this function is created for recovering lost data. This function creates a copy of your file other than what was deleted.

It is very important to have the “File History” function in any windows. It can save your files from being permanently deleted so you don’t need to recover deleted files in windows 10. Not all deleted files are recoverable. If you will use the ordinary way of restoring files, it must be in your recycle bin. From the recycle bin, you can use the “restore” function. Other than the bin, you can’t recover files without using special recovery tools.   

Specifically, the function helps you recover a file or files that are not in your recycle bin. We have to consider that deleted files can sometimes be accidental or intentional. Intentionally deleting your files mean you no longer need the file. It can be for the purpose of freeing space in your hard drives or just want to take off the files from your data storage. Accidentally deleting files gives you more trouble. Technically, you will not care to search for a file if you don’t need it. It means you need the file because it is important to you.

On the other hand, deleting files is helpful for you and your unit. It gives you more space for saving other documents. Having more space in your hard drive means more data can be stored or saved. And it can help your computer works faster. A faster computer helps you be more productive.

It can save you from big troubles. Big troubles may arise if the deleted files have something to do with your career or some other personal reasons. If those important files are deleted, you can now recover it using the “File History” function.